To go with your aperitifs and desserts or even make your own cocktails, take advantage of the alcohol free Sparkling Tasting Pack :

  • Effervescent Rosé: 2 bottles
  • Sparkling Blanc de Blancs: 2 bottles
  • Effervescent Muscat Doux: 2 bottles

0.0% alcohol free but 100% pleasure !

An innovative manufacturing process serving taste. Le Petit Béret lets you discover its sparkling range with wine profiles. Between red fruits and flowers, the sparkling wines of the range adapt to all your expectations.

This non-alcoholic drink offers a healthier alternative. The Petit Béret innovation comes from the manufacturing process. All these fine bubbles are composed of grapes selected to enhance local know-how. The entire Petit Béret range certifies alcohol free products and without any dealcoholization. A process that respects the grape and retains only the benefits of the vineyard.


The Petit Béret guarantees

  • 0.0% Guaranteed without fermentation and alcohol free
  • No sulfites, zero pesticide
  • Vegan friendly
  • Low in sugar

Alcohol free cocktails

Alcohol free Spritz
•    Sparkling Blanc de Blancs Petit Béret
•    Orange juice
•    Sparkling water
•    Grenadine syrup
•    Orange
•    Ice
Red fruits alcohol free cocktail
•    Sparkling Rosé Petit Béret
•    Raspberry
•    Thyme
•    Grenadine
•    Lime
Alcohol free Bellini
•    Sparkling Sweet Muscat Petit Béret
•    Peach
•    Grenadine
•    Crushed ice

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