Dominique Laporte, best sommelier in France   

Dominique Laporte :
It is a world reference in oenology. He joined the PETIT Beret team in 2013 following a meeting with the founders with whom he shares the values ​​of conviviality, simplicity and above all innovation.

Alchemist of wine, he was a sommelier of palaces such as the Hotel Meurice in Paris, the Connaught and the Great Eastern hotel in London with Gordon Ramsay, as well as prestigious cellars such as the Lucas Carton (Alain Senderens) in Paris From Lignan to Béziers, the Gambetta cellars in Montpellier, the Cerf in Alsace, and Lavinia in Paris. Dominique Laporte participates in the development of the cuvées and the aromatic assemblages of the Petit Béret. It highlights the organoleptic qualities of grape varieties such as Syrah, Sauvignon and Grenache Cinsault to combine them with the most prestigious dishes.

  • Best worker of France

  • Best Sommelier of France

  • 3 ° Best Sommelier of Europe - Ruinart Trophy

  • Master of Port International

  • Best Young Sommelier of France - Ruinart Trophy

« The PETIT Beret is a revolution in the wine world! Finding such a complex aromatic and sensory balance without alcohol 0.0% and without fermentation is exceptional »