Le PETIT Béret is based deep in the heart of the vineyards in Languedoc Roussillon in France.
Winner of the 2015 Coup de Pousse award for innovation, our Start Up has been recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the agri-food sector. 


Its founders, an agri-food engineer and two mining engineers do not drink alcohol and have always been frustrated by not being able to enjoy French gastronomy at its best. 

They noticed that many people have the same problem, whether for reasons of health or safety.  In France, alcohol is the leading cause of death on roads and the leading cause of hospitalisation. Expectant mothers, people on prescription drugs, athletes are just a few of the people who are looking for an alternative beverage.

This is how the idea came about in 2012 to create the first drink from grapevines that was totally alcohol- and fermentation-free. 


Le PETIT Béret is constantly developing and we regularly bring out new products in line with your tastes.  Our history has only just begun, write the next chapters with us!