The PETIT Béret in 3 questions

Why should I buy PETIT Béret 0.0% ?

Quite simply to enjoy the taste.   
It is now possible to discover wine that contains no alcohol and has never undergone any alcoholic fermentation. 

You can enjoy the best grape varieties from the South of France and the aromatic expertise of Dominique LAPORTE, the best sommelier in France.  You can finally enjoy a great drink at the family meal table, drinks with friends or a take a bottle to parties, all without worrying about the side effects. 

Is the PETIT Beret 0.0% suitable for everyone ?

Alcohol is the first cause of death on roads, and the first cause of hospitalisation. It is a major issue for our society today!
We want to promote DIVERSITY. After all, wine is the market with the greatest amount of diversity, wine growing regions, grape varieties, blends, etc. 

Le PETIT Béret decided to add a new dimension of diversity to this market through its alcohol-free and fermentation-free drink.

We wanted to bring the richness of the vineyards and grape varieties of the South of France to new consumers, new countries and new cultures. Whether you are pregnant, a senior, an athlete or a Muslim... We simply want you to get together with your friends and enjoy a good drink.

Why is the PETIT Béret 0.0% the only drink wich tastes like wine that Muslims can drink ?

Quite simply because LE PETIT Beret has never contained a single drop of alcohol! Either before bottling or after processing!

Our drink contains 0% alcohol and we ensure that it never goes through alcoholic fermentation.

Our drink is not wine-based, nor has it been dealcoholised.  That is a very important difference, which shows the innovative nature of our product.

Traceability and transparency are very important for us, that is why you can request the alcoholic analysis or all our products, along with the Halal certificate from our customer services department by sending an email to:

I have questions, how to contact your team ?

Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to or use our contact form.