To discover alcohol free bottles proposed by Le Petit Béret, to offer or taste between friends :

  • Organic Alcohol free Rosé Gris : 1 bottle
  • Organic Alcohol free Sweet Moscat: 1 bottle
  • Organic Alcohol free Chardonnay : 1 bottle
  • Sparkling Alcohol free Sweet Moscat : 1 bottle
  • Sparkling Alcohol free Blanc de Blancs : 1 bottle

0% alcohol and without fermentation

LePetit Béret innovation comes from the manufacturing process. All drinks with a wine profile are made from grapes selected to enhance local know-how. The entire Petit Béret range certifies alcohol free products at 0.00% and without any dealcoholization. A process that respects the grape and retains only the benefits of the vineyard.
Le Petit Béret offers drinks without fermentation and without preservatives.
A sulfite-free product, without dealcoholization step to retain only the essentials.


The Petit Béret guarantees

  • 0.0% Guaranteed without fermentation and alcohol free
  • No sulfites, zero pesticide
  • Vegan friendly
  • Low in sugar

An innovative alternative

The Gastronomy alcohol free pack will please curious people who have not yet had the opportunity to taste these drinks. With its wine notes, it is composed of a white profile, a red and pink profile. Le Petit Béret offers a real alternative drink to fruit juices and others sodas for consumers open to new discoveries.

A process that reveals the best of grapes and nature.

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