Experience the alcohol-free bottles suggested by Le Petit Béret, to taste and share among friends :

  • Organic Alcohol-free Rosé Gris : 1 bottle
  • Organic Alcohol-free Sweet Muscat: 1 bottle
  • Organic Alcohol-free Chardonnay : 1 bottle
  • Sparkling Alcohol-free Sweet Muscat : 1 bottle
  • Sparkling Alcohol-free Blanc de Blancs : 1 bottle

0% alcohol without fermentation

Le Petit Béret's innovation comes from the production process. All these non-alcoholic drinks from the vineyards are made from grapes selected to enhance local expertise. The entire Petit Béret range certifies alcohol free products at 0.00% without any dealcoholization. The process respects the grape and retains all the goodness of the vineyard.
Le Petit Béret produces drinks without fermentation and without preservatives.
It is a sulfite-free product, without dealcoholization, and retains only the essentials.


The Petit Béret guarantees

  • Guaranteed without fermentation and 0.0% alcohol.
  • No sulfites, zero pesticide
  • Vegan friendly
  • Low in sugar

An innovative alternative

The Gastronomy alcohol-free pack will inspire interested people who have not yet had the opportunity to taste these drinks. With its wine notes, it is composed of a white, a red and a pink profile. Le Petit Béret offers a lovely alternative to fruit juices and other sodas.

A process that reveals the best of grapes and nature.

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