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Température de service

Température de service

The Healthy Aperitif

The healthy aperitif by Le Petit Béret captures both the pleasure of socialising and the serenity of healthy living.

Enjoy all occasions without moderation thanks to low sugar, organic beverages.

We offer a wide selection of alcohol-free drinks perfect for your canapés and tapas; with fine bubbles, rosés, reds and whites.

Discover alcohol-free vineyards

Discover the vineyards for all consumers and that can be enjoyed without moderation. Le Petit Béret is the first alcohol-free, fermentation-free and sulphite-free alternative based on Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat and many others. We offer varied wine profiles for all your festive preparations.

Created by Dominique LAPORTE - the best Sommelier in France - Le Petit Béret combines gastronomy, harmony and expertise.

A healthy non-alcoholic aperitif by Le Petit Beret

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