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Température de service

Température de service

Pleasure and refreshment

Look forward to a drink by the pool, a garden party, pool party or just after a long day's work.

Dip your feet in the water, feel the warmth of the sun and sip a chilled rosé or white alcohol-free. These memorable moments of pleasure are a healthy alternative.

Discovery of the alcohol-free vineyard

Without fermentation and sulphites, Le Petit Béret profiles are characterised by stunning aromatic blends and a complex construction.

Technological innovation of grape processing creates a non alcoholic alternative for your daily life. All the rosés and whites are organic and are rooted in responsible consumption. Thanks to five years of work, the creators have succeeded in the mountainous task of obtaining a drink based on grapes low in sugar and calories. A treat that can be enjoyed without moderation as a glass does not exceed 17Kcal and 3g of sugars.

Savour alcohol-free rosé at the water's edge
By the pool

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