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Volume d'alcool

Potentiel de garde

Potentiel de garde

Alcohol-free 0.0%

Enjoy barbecues with family and friends. Share in all special occasions thanks to numerous alcohol-free profiles created for a healthier consumption; Tequil Ale, IPA and organic blonde. Developed from malt and hops, these beverages reinvent the world of brewery.

100% fun

A refreshing and healthy alternative ideal for summer days.

After discovering the vineyards, Le Petit Béret invites you to explore the world of the brewery with its entirely organic and alcohol-free range!

Indulge in the fresh taste of an alcohol-free aperitif

With the composition of the blonde and the Tequil Ale flavour, you are spoilt for choice of aperitif. Enjoyed by the pool, after a long day at work or around a barbecue, it makes those memorable moments! 


A healthy alternative that excludes all preservatives for maximum taste!


Developed by the best sommelier in France Dominique Laporte, the range can be tasted blind as it parallels the aromatic make up of a beer.

Barbecues with family and friends alcohol-free

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