The PETIT Béret in 3 questions

Why buy PETIT Béret 0.0% ?

Simply for the pleasure of the taste buds.
Oenological discovery without alcohol and alcoholic fermentation is now possible.

Enjoy the best vines of the South of France, the aromatic expertise of Dominique LAPORTE the best sommelier in France. You can finally enjoy a good family drink around a friendly meal, with friends as an aperitif or to offer at events, without constraints.

Is the PETIT Beret 0.0% suitable for everyone ?

Alcohol is the leading cause of death on roads and the leading cause of hospitalization. It is a very strong society challenge!
Our vision is DIVERSITY. The wine remains the market with the most diversity, appellations, grape varieties, blends, origins ...

The PETIT Béret wishes to add a new dimension of diversity to this market through its drink without alcohol and without fermentation.

We want to offer new consumers, new territories and new cultures the richness of the vineyards and grape varieties of the South of France. Whether you are a pregnant woman, a senior, an athlete, a Muslim ....
We just want to gather you around a good glass!

Why is the PETIT Béret 0.0% the only drink to taste wine consumable by Muslims ?

Just because LE PETIT Béret has never contained any trace of alcohol! Neither before bottling nor after processing!

On the other hand, the drink contains 0.0% alcohol and we prohibit any alcoholic fermentation by respect of our consumers.

Our drink is neither wine-based nor de-alcoholised. This is a very important difference that shows the innovative character of our drink.

Traceability and transparency are very important to us so you can ask for alcohol analysis of all our productions and Halal certification to customer service by email

I have questions, how to contact your team ?

Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to or use our contact form.